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2 new songs up

2009-06-08 03:35:53 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Ive put up 2 new songs, GunWar, a jungle song, and Heavy Machine Gun, a trance song. Enjoy.

New Songs up soon

2009-02-14 00:47:20 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Havent had a news post in a while, I've been pretty busy with school. But nevertheless I have still been making music, theres one song that is ready to be submitted when i make the effort, then a few more songs on the way!


2008-10-06 19:23:44 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Leave your tribute to the Gods of Metal. Here's mine.

anowar, born from the corpse of Odin after the wars from which the result was the death of all Norse Gods.As the sons of Odin, Manowar started out as a band of lone warriors, doomed to explore the reaches of Northern Norway for thousands of years. Then came the time when the Germanic Tribes of Europe decided to move south of their current home. Manowar came into contact with these Germanic Tribes, placing in the heads of the Germanic Tribes the idea of invading Rome. So with the assistance of Manowar, the Germanic tribes moved further south and invaded the Roman Empire.Western Rome quickly fell, as no one could stand up to the prowess of the warriors who were Manowar. Now after Rome fell Manowar fell out of the Germanic tribes' favor, and were doomed to travel back to their Norse Origins. People still sang of how From the Breast of Odin, a band of noble warriors rose and with their true hearts of Metal /M\, took down the strongest empire of the time. After 300 years of wandering through the Cold, Manowar decided to find New Land. When Manowar came into contact with the Great Ocean, the water could bear not the impressive Metal Warriors, there hence the waters parted, leaving a path for the Noble warriors to cross. Once the path was crossed into the New Land, Manowar waited quietly on a heavily forested island on the eastern coast. A few years later, Manowar came into contact with a group of foreigners, who were threatening all that was Metal /M\, defiling the noble name of the island, calling it Roanoke. With a strum of their mighty Metal Guitars, the foregners "dissapeared". hence it became time for Manowar to find a new home. The mighty Band then moved west, until they came upon a mighty cave. It was here whence the Band decided that the World was not ready for them, and they made a vow that "When the world is ready to embrace Metal and the legacy of the noble Odin, that is when we shall return." For 300 years our Holy Band of warriors remained in the cave, meditating upon Odin to bestow upon them even more of the powers of Metal. Finally in the year that was known as 1980, Odin the Father answered the prayers of our mighty Band, bestowing upon them divine capabilities of Metal. "My sons, the world has treated you with disdain. From now on, all shall refer to you as Man O' War, and when you show them the powers of which I have bestowed upon you, they shall all bow down to you." This is the tale of the sons of Odin's corpse, the Gods of Metal, those who can only be called one thing:




2008-08-22 19:32:47 by RagingFlameOfHorror

aww why does school have to start?

Summer HW= Fail

2008-07-26 19:58:06 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Summer has been awesome!!! Only bad thing is that I have a shitload of summer homework.

reFX Nexus VSTI

2008-05-01 20:48:31 by RagingFlameOfHorror

I got my self a new shiny reFX Nexus VSTI, and it makes Fl STudio a lot cooler. Its a ROM synth that has a whole bunch of synths, pads, leads, drumloops, drumsynths, and arps, and its awesome. Plus you can download expansions that come with more stuff. Anyway, I got this new synth and it is cool. School is almost over, I hope I can finish off with good grades this year, and then I will have a whole summer to do Flash and stuff.

reFX Nexus VSTI


2008-04-16 19:29:19 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Theres this fag at my school named Bomar, and this whole week when Bomar tries to annoy me or my friend Brian we have just beat the crap out of him, almost producing Bomar to tears. Its quite funny. Below is the illustration of his reaction after you beat him.



2008-04-13 16:01:28 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Soon the day shall come from whence then on I will never be the same. The In 3 fortnights, the sun and moon shall align in a way that is revolutionary, for it is the day from which I was spawned into this world... Soon..My birthday shall arrive.

I made it to the state Geography Bee, and got pwned...... 19th Place out of a hundred people. But its cool.

Im sleepy.....

2008-03-27 18:27:34 by RagingFlameOfHorror

Its so freaking hot here in Texas that I can't sleep..... NOt fun